Max Schaaf, a Photography Exhibit by Jerry Buttles

May 1st – May 4th


Kinfolk 94

94 Wythe Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11249


Opening Reception

Thursday, May 1st 2014




Max Schaaf, a Photography Exhibit by Jerry Buttles


Through analog portraiture Jerry presents a series of images that captures a life in routine. These images represent a passion and strive to convey the culture and lifestyle of ones being. The exhibit appeals to more than one sense with both the visuals of the work and the handcrafted scent designed to create a nostalgic feeling.


Jerry Buttles (b. 1986) is a New York City based photographer. He has a wide variety of mediums within photography. A regular contributor to Hypebeast Magazine, Jerry’s work has also been featured in HERO magazine online, Fucking Young Magazine, and Visual Tales Magazine. Some of Jerry’s clients include Maison Martin Margiela, Nike, & The Frye Company. 

Max Schaaf, a long time skateboarding veteran and custom motorcycle builder who resides in Oakland, CA.


Kinfolk 94, Since Kinfolk’s inception in 2007, the idea behind the “Kinfolklife” mantra has grown exponentially. From providing then-impossible to obtain Japanese track bikes to customers around the globe, to a flagship lounge in Tokyo, to Kinfolk’s Williamsburg design outpost and cafe, to a menswear store and adjacent event space, the Kinfolk brand continues to grow, curating projects as celebrated as they are varied, pushing boundaries in the fields of food, music, art and beyond. “Max Schaaf, a Photography exhibit by Jerry Buttles” marks the very first installation of Kinfolk 94, a multi use gallery space unique for a custom-fabricated, Pacific Northwest-inspired geodesic dome enclosure.                            

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