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Strategic and Creative Studio KNOWUSE is excited to introduce the first item in a series of in-house projects to be available for purchase directly through our site. 

The I Text New York Shirt plays with the ubiquitous NYC tourist souvenir while nodding heavily to the irony at play in the way we go about “experiencing” the city. Tourist or not, taking in the sights has become more of an Instagram photo opp than an actual recognition of the environment, people and architecture around us. Reiterating a feeling or encounter is often expressed through a string of symbols or in 140 characters or less as opposed to actual prose produced through critical thought.

Purposely deceiving, the graphic is recognizable from a distance, while further inspection reveals a collage of Emojis. While many carry symbolic significance (lol), more random filler icons have been chosen for superficial aesthetic purposes. While canonical artists such as Monet and Seurat used a mess of strokes and dots to build an image that only reads objectively from a distance, we have used similar technique - only dumbed down using the contemporary language of attention deficit smart phone addicts everywhere. Read as far into that as you want, but this shirt is our way of poking fun, posing questions, and taking a closer look at the way we see and communicate our experiences today. 

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