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josephteegardin myself and ******

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Me and @gogydotme crushing dreams. (at Thompson LES Hotel)




KNOWUSE For Nike-ID and Stefan Janoski

Behind the Scenes with Timberland | Abington Fall 2012 Photo Shoot: Meet Josh Madden - 

Me and the girls @dannyrico @joshmadden photo by @knealey (Taken with Instagram)


Timberland’s Abington Collection for Fall 2012 preview video - featuring me, 13thwitness, Cody and Josh.




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My hands by 13thWitness.

Another preview from the Timberland Abington Fall 2012 Lookbook. Full Lookbook premiering in October. 

The last three weeks, I’ve been working with Nike around the buildup to 8.12, a day they appropriately chose for the world to celebrate sport and make the most active day in Nike+ history. They’ve run a campaign the last few weeks called Find Your Greatness, which opens the idea that greatness is reachable, available to everyone. It inspired me to find a way to take part on 8.12, and in my own way, to find greatness.

Music:  Rad Omen - Search, Party and Destroy